Sunday, May 15, 2011

Žana d'Ark

Šiuo metu atrodo savaime suprantama, o dar visai neseniai dėl teisės balsuoti ir būti laikomai hmm... žmogumi, tekdavo septynias uolektis mitinguose pralieti.

1. Forward Into Light: 1916

"Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, 1916." One of the banners used in a memorial service for Inez Milholland, the lawyer who became a martyr to the suffrage movement following her death from anemia while campaigning for the 19th Amendment.

2. Tambourine Woman: 1913

New York, August 1913. "Suffragettes on way to Boston." Our second look at the "suffrage caravan" campaign for women's voting rights.

3. The Experiment - 1923

Washington, D.C., circa 1923. "Woman scientist."

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