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Šias istorines marškas vadinčiau social shock vardu, o kartkartėm gal net - social horror.

1. Ready or Not: 1912

"Blind children playing hide-and-seek among arcade pillars" at the Overbrook School in Philadelphia ca. 1912.


Mintis nuklysta aštuonerius metus atgalios, interaktyviuosius klodus, traškią, škrabią ir šarmotą žiemą:

"In the Brooklyn School for the Blind, we know that seeing is not the same as believing. The Brooklyn School for the Blind, our doors are open." (c) Max Payne 2

2. Beware of Dad: 1909

March 1909. Hartford, Connecticut. Tony Casale (also called "Bologna"), eleven years old. Been selling four years. Sells until 10 P.M. sometimes. His paper boss told me the boy had shown him the marks on his arm where his father had bitten him for not selling more papers. The boy said, "Drunken men say bad words to us."

3. Scipio Wright: 1917

Scipio, a St. Bernard acquired by Orville Wright in 1917.

4. Blacksmith: c. 1900

Two children talk to a blacksmith standing in the doorway of his forge. Photograph by Frances S. Allen, c. 1900.

5. Boy Toys: 1910

"Boy looking at Xmas toys in shop window" in New York circa 1910.

6. Children's Delight: 1910

"Children's Delight" carousel wagon with piano or calliope, circa 1910.

7. Done Up: 1911

November 29, 1911. Painting a Thanksgiving masker somewhere in New York.

Šimtas kiškių susirinko, net žalia girelė linko.

8. Eye Exam: 1917

Children in Grade 5 of Washington School in Lawton, Oklahoma participate in a Medical inspection. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1917.

9. Full House: 1936

November 1936 near Dickens, Iowa. Three-room shack, the residence of L.H. Nissen, hired man for a tenant farmer. Farm is owned by a loan company. Ten people live in the shack: mother, father, seven children, one grandchild.

10. Ghost Horse: 1936

December 1936. Farm horse in Woodbury County, Iowa.

11. 3 a.m. Sunday, Brooklyn: 1908

"3 a.m. Sunday, February 23, 1908. Newsboys selling on Brooklyn Bridge. Harry Ahrenpreiss, 30 Willet St. Said was 13 years old."

12. Grit n Coke: 1938

May 1938. Farm boy who sells "Grit." Irwinville Farms, Georgia.

13. Harry McShane: 1908

Harry McShane, 134 Broadway, Cincinnati. Sixteen years of age on June 29, 1908. Had his left arm pulled off near shoulder, and right leg broken through kneecap by being caught on belt of a machine in Spring Works factory in May 1908. Had been working there more than 2 years. Was on his feet for first time after the accident the day this photo was taken.

No attention was paid by employers to the boy either at hospital or home according to statement of boy's father. No compensation.

14. Into the Light: 1910

September 29, 1910. Upper-floor hallway opening onto 12 rooms in large shack occupied by cranberry pickers on Forsythe's Bog, Turkeytown, near Pemberton, New Jersey.

15. Jackson County: 1936

April 1936. "Wife of rehabilitation client. Jackson County, Ohio."

"Rehabilitation" šiame kontekste - Didžiosios depresijos laikų skurdo mažinimo programa, kuomet smulkūs bėdžių sklypeliai būdavo sukilojami į vieną vietą, suformuojami didesni bendros žemės arimai, siekiant užtikrinti didesnį ūkio našumą, ir būtent taip pamėginti bėdžius ištraukti iš nepritekliaus.

Savotiška kolektyvizacijos forma.

16. Lacy and Savannah: 1908

November 1908: Gastonia, North Carolina. Lacy, 12 years old, and Savannah, 11. Have worked two years. Father said "The little one is a crackerjack on spinnin', at least so the boss says. She ain't satisfied unless in the mill. The oldest one isn't so good at it. Not as quick." (Note the tense, serious looks on the younger. Older one more like a real girl.)

17. Louis Pelissier: 1916

June 19, 1916. Fall River, Mass. Louis Pelissier, 29 Eighth Street, 16 years old (May 16, 1916). Applicant 2nd grade - deficient mentality. Doesn't know name of place where he is going to work. Made it out for Small's mill, they weren't sure. Had been a sweeper but work was too hard for him. Didn't know how much he was to get. (Miss Smith to see what kind of card he got.) Worked at Union Mill, $3.27, as a sweeper.

18. Man and the Sea: 1942

A Portuguese dory fisherman rows his boat out at 4:30 a.m. leave for the banks off Cape Cod.

19. Matoaca Mother: 1911

June 1911. "Mrs. L. Bosher, living in the rundown cotton mill village of Matoaca, Virginia. Her husband has been a mill hand here for a long time but recently got work uptown, as many of their neighbors have done during the slack times, most of them going way into the city [Richmond] to the trunk and cigarette factories."

Totalus žvilgsnis.

20. Nanty Glo Slag Pickers: 1937

Boys salvaging coal from the slag heaps at Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania. 1937. They get 10 cents for each hundred-pound sack.

21. Shacktown: 1940

April 1940. Shacktown in Dubuque, Iowa. Many residents keep a cow or a few chickens.

22. Cane: 1938

January 1938. Train loaded with cane on a sugar plantation near Ponce, Puerto Rico.

23. Water Break: 1938

January 1938. Agricultural workers on a sugar plantation near Ponce, Puerto Rico.


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