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Praeito amžiaus technologinė aušra iš Shorpy retriškojo archyvo.

1. Loud and Clear: 1922

Lester Picker listens to his shortwave radio through earphones while convalescing after breaking his back when he fell 55 feet erecting an aerial for the radio.

2. Kitty Hawk: 1901

1901. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Wilbur Wright and glider just after landing. The fogging of the negative at the bottom of the frame, combined with the skid marks in the sand from an earlier landing, create the illusion that the glider is still flying.

3. Woolworth Building at Night: c. 1913

The Woolworth Building, New York City, c. 1913

4. The Motor Fire Engine: 1913

"Under the hood of the motor fire engine" with the New York Fire Department circa 1913.

5. Anthony's Wireless Airship: 1912

A small powered blimp used in 1912 to demonstrate remote control of aircraft by wireless telegraphy. ("Professor Anthony has exhibited a method of airship control of his own by wireless. He and Leo Stephens recently gave an exhibition of starting, controlling, turning and stopping an airship by wireless which was quite a long distance from the station which controlled its action.")

6. ZR-1: 1923

The Navy airship ZR-1 (USS Shenandoah) under construction in 1922-23 at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, New Jersey. The 680-foot, 36-ton zeppelin, the first rigid airship to use helium rather than hydrogen, broke up in a storm over Ohio in 1925 with a loss of 14 lives.

7. Blitzen Benz: 1911

May 25, 1911. Bob Burman and his "Blitzen Benz," a month after setting a world speed record in the car.

8. Bureau of Standards: 1925

February 19, 1925. "M.S. Strock measuring radio lengths at the Bureau of Standards."

9. Contraption From Hell: 1913

"Auto Street Cleaner" circa 1913 in New York City.

10. Push Harder: 1908

Clement-Bayard dirigible in shed in France circa 1908

11. Fifth Avenue: 1913

Fifth Avenue at 51st Street in New York circa 1913.

12. Traffic Squad Parade: 1908

Traffic Squad Parade, November 5, 1908. Mayor George McClellan alighting from auto on the plaza at Union Square.

13. Mime Goes Motoring: 1910

November 30, 1910. The caption just says "Mime" motoring. After putting in a request to the Shorpy research division, we can report that "Mime" is the dog, a Papillon who lived at the Hotel Walton in New York City and was by all accounts a fan of fast cars (and, from the looks of it, fast women).

14. Wireless Telegraph: 1920

"Amateur Wireless Station" with headset circa 1920. Note photo of the young operator.

15. Testing Their Wings: 1902

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. "Start of a glide; Wilbur in motion at left holding one end of glider (rebuilt with single vertical rudder), Orville lying prone in machine, and Dan Tate at right." October 10, 1902.

16. Ramallah: 1939

Radio masts in Ramallah, British Mandate Palestine, circa 1939.

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